Friday, January 15, 2016


When the public calls 911 for help, Washington County’s emergency communications system is used to dispatch first responders countywide. Communications equipment in the system is reaching the end of serviceable life and buildings and towers need room for growth and more strengthening for earthquakes and other hazards. If approved by voters at the Primary Election on May 17, 2016, bonds would pay for $77 million in capital costs for emergency and 911 facilities, including converting the existing system to current technology; improving countywide coverage by installing more towers; strengthening facilities for earthquakes, storms and other emergencies; providing for efficient expansion of the 911 center and emergency response facilities, and replacing approximately 3,000 analog radios currently used by first responders countywide.

Projected levy rate is not expected to exceed 8¢ per $1,000 of assessed value. Estimated cost for an average county home with an assessed value of $255,408 would be $20 in the first year. The levy period would be less than 21 years. Given potential changes in bond interest rates and assessed values, it is possible that the bonds could be completely paid sooner than estimated. 

This information was reviewed by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office for compliance with ORS 260.432. (
ADV. 16-010)